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Only Lads visitorsA beneficial dragon wants brand new elves in order to apologize into Dracorage Mythal

A beneficial dragon wants brand new elves in order to apologize into Dracorage Mythal

This new Dracorage Mythal: There’s one in particular that I didn’t know anything about. What the heck is that? According to the forgotten realms wikia, this was a 250,000 mile zone that, when a certain star was in the right alignment, caused dragons to become violent for ten days. From what I can tell, the Dracorage was created so that the dragons would fight each other and keep them from working together to rule the world. There are a ton of details on all of this on this page on the DD site.

Nevertheless book will not state just how many dragons he has, otherwise what models they are

  • Zhent Rian Nightshade is resting alongside Lord Neverember. Council will not think its great.
  • When the Neronvain is actually dry, King Melandrach is stuffed with “cooler frustration”.
  • You can find hemorrhoids out-of repercussions into concessions that can possess already been built to brand new metal dragons. Connerad Brawnanvil and Queen Melandrach particularly is generally outraged.
  • Spend some the fresh dragons (pick less than).
  • Mission – see Xonthal’s tower to extract a beneficial cult defector with his dragon cover-up. Make sure to make use of the flavor text out-of webpage 63 here! Iskander keeps sent an email toward Council.
  • Goal – check out Thay to possibly enroll some Yellow Wizards. Reddish Genius Nyh Illmych (enjoyable term to express out loud) wants this new Pcs to come calmly to Thay (get a hold of page 75 to own info).

There is certainly a section to your web page 20 you to definitely states brand new Pcs is always to decide what to do with new metallic dragons at their disposal.

But the guide doesn’t say how many dragons he’s got, or what models he’s

  • Lords’ Alliance: Each member wants a dragon for his/her city.
  • Harpers: Want a dragon for intelligence gathering (scouting out the Well of Dragons?)
  • Acquisition of one’s Gauntlet: Want a dragon to guard Elturel.
  • Amber Enclave: Want a dragon to protect an ancient treant known as The Grandfather Tree.

The newest tower is in the Greypeak Hills towards the eastern. It is really next to Parnast. It looks like it is as much as five-hundred miles off Waterdeep.

The latest Hedge Maze: As the PCs enter the maze, be sure to read them the flavor on page 64, where Iskander shouts to them from the tower. It’s easy to forget, and it is very important.

Traveling: Basically, if the PCs try to fly or climb over the walls, they enter thick, impassable brambles. If the PCs somehow “cheat” to get to the tower, it has no entrances – just smooth impassable stone.

The brand new Sundial: This maze is all about the Sundial. The PCs must figure out which of the eight paths to take on five separate occasions. The sundial offers a different clue with its shadow each time. You should probably print out a map of the sundial area, or draw one. This area can be very frustrating for the players, as the solution doesn’t really make a lot of sense. You might want to have an NPC sidekick around to steer the PCs when if they start to get bogged down.

This new Monsters is sometime Weak: Taking a wrong path leads to an encounter area. The only way to get back to a sundial is to find a hidden gem in the area. Some of these areas are very cool. The monsters weren’t much of a challenge for my PCs. You might want to use two gorgons instead of one. You also might want to overhaul the Carnivorous Garden, as it is a bit of a drag. Area 6 is particularly easy.. the animated armor is no match for your high-level PCs. You might want to change it to a trap area.

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